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The Land

A ​76-acre property of lovely hayfields and forests near Bellamy Lake, located between Kingston and Ottawa.

At Hidden Buddha Healing Center, guests feel the subtle, healing energy emanating from the land, a feeling of ancient wisdom, sacred power, and wholeness, dating back a billion years in geological history.

Exposed unique rock formations on the property, and in the area, illustrate powerful, scientifically identified, vortices of minerals and energy that lie within the land. The “exquisite monument-quality pink granite” of nearby Rock Dunder and the Rideau Lakes Area has been called “the rock that ancient Egyptians carved into their eternal obelisks” and “the stuff of volcanoes like Mtns. Vesuvio in Italy and Fuji in Japan.”


The land between Ottawa and Kingston has been documented as having “more different kinds of minerals than any other place on the planet” and deemed “the only place in the world where you can experience three very distinctive geological provinces.”


The land of the Hidden Buddha Healing Center is, itself, a Hidden Gem. It is a land of high vibration, beautiful sunsets and midnight wonders. . a land where you begin to feel more alive, more connected, more conscious. It is a land that has as much reverence for you, as you have for it.


Source: "Life By a Vortex" by Doug Bond.

Website - Township of Rideau Lakes:

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