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The Area

Located in the beautiful Rideau Lakes area of Ontario, Canada.

Rideau Lakes has a variety of well-known tourist attractions, especially for friends who love all things Canadian!


Relaxing and scenic boat cruises are available on The Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as on The Thousand Island Boat Cruises on the St. Lawrence River.

Hiking, Canoeing and Camping:

Natural tourist attractions like Rock Dunder, which has beautiful views of the Rideau Lakes from its highest peak, and walking/biking tours, are located close by, and there are plenty of trails for hiking (for example, Rideau Trails)

Maple Syrup:

The area is known as part of the Maple Syrup Capital of the world. Be sure to enjoy, and take home, some delicious maple syrup, a taste of real Canadiana!


For more information on local attractions, including museums, theaters, boating, golfing, cruises and lakes (including our lake, Bellamy Lake) please visit and

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