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"Peacefulness overcame me..."

My stay on the two day retreat was much more than I had anticipated. Upon my first night of arrival, I was taken by surprise by the calmness.  Peacefulness overcame me as I walked into the retreat house and into my room. The property seemed to have a magnetic quality and energy, and as I walked the floor, I could feel it through my feet. When I woke up the first morning, for some reason I woke up feeling very happy like I didn't have a care in the world and couldn't explain it. I hadn't felt that kind of happy for a long time. I found this to be very strange. Then I was told that under the property, in the land, were crystals, which I know have wonderful healing qualities. As the next two days passed, my sleep was incredibly restful and deep, my mind cleared, my aches and pains seemed to have diminished. By the time I left, I felt like a new person. The peace, quiet and tranquil setting combined with the natural healing energies took me back to a time I had forgotten what it was like to be happy, what it was like to be me again!


Thank you Lidia for the wonderful experience I will never forget! I am looking forward to coming back again!

Peter Rajaram, Toronto, Ontario

"An incredibly unique and fulfilling experience..."

Thank you Lidia for creating this very special place. The serenity, nature, delicious macrobiotic food and the conversations of our group made for an incredibly unique and fulfilling experience that I look forward to doing again!

Elizabeth B., Toronto, Ontario

"There was no judgement that weekend."

It started as a stormy and wintry weekend. But Lidia's hospitality, her delicious macrobiotic food, the crackling fire and the amazingly open ladies at the retreat were delightful. There was no judgment that weekend. We came together as a group of strangers but left feeling we have known each other for a long time. I left under a brilliantly sunny sky, feeling refreshed.

Haideh, Toronto, Ontario

"Lidia's warmth and kindness made us feel like part of the family."

I was fortunate enough to find this gem of a place when my husband and I visited the retreat last year for a week, so he could have daily Reiki healing for his progressive cancer, and I was learning to prepare macrobiotic foods.  The Reiki treatments helped him feel more peaceful and rejuvenated. During our stay Lidia's warmth and kindness made us feel like part of the family. Less than a year later, I attended a women's retreat of self-discovery.  I met some amazing women all open to sharing and learning and growing.  The weather was good enough that we were also able to get outside and met the animals which brought a whole other dimension to my stay.   I know I'll be back again.  Thanks Lidia.

Karen Clark, Pickering, Ontario

"The atmosphere was relaxed and supportive."

In January 2018, I joined a small group of ladies in Toledo ON for a 2 day retreat. I had never done this before, so I was quite curious about the event. Both myself and 3 other attendees were warmly welcomed by Lidia at the Retreat Centre, with hot cups of tea and cider. We had all battled our way to her centre through a terrible snowstorm. So a nice roaring fire in the fireplace and a warm drink were highly welcomed.

I found the Retreat Center to be modern, very clean and accommodating for our group. I had a room to myself, and slept quite well both nights that I spent there. The atmosphere was relaxed and supportive.

The retreat sessions were well paced, nicely organized to allow more time to converse if required, or to break when needed. Each participant appeared fully engaged, as I was. The goal for me was to identify what to let go in my life that was no longer working to make room for something better!

I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone interested in making changes in your life!

Suzanne McLaren, Perth, Ontario

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